The functions, processes, and services that fall under business transactional law is so broad that the field is difficult to encapsulate. It is far more than writing contracts. In the simplest of terms, our transactional lawyers at April Becker & Associates provide legal advice and services to entrepreneurs and companies at various stages of the business life cycle.

We offer advice on how to handle the many challenges and opportunities that you may face; manage the technical nitty-gritty of business transactions; and help you maintain, grow, adapt, or sell your business. When you have a qualified transactional attorney facilitating your affairs, you will be able to avoid many potential disputes and litigation.

When do you need a transactional business law attorney?

Any time you form a business, need to negotiate a business matter, draft documents or agreements, or make any type of business transaction, consult a qualified transactional business law attorney. A lawyer will be able to assess your goals and advise you on how to reach them. Your lawyer can keep you in compliance with regulatory laws and ensure all of your legal ducks are in a row to prevent disputes. A transactional attorney can also protect your interests, negotiate for better terms, and work to complete your transactions smoothly and cost-efficiently.

Some of the times you will want to enlist in the help of an attorney include when:

  • Daily operations – e.g., business formation, entity decisions, funding, sales, marketing, wealth management, human resource contracts, contract reviews, government inquiries, regulatory compliance, compensation planning, etc.
  • General corporate affairs – e.g., capital formation, company restructuring, business buy-sell agreements, securities issuances, buy-outs, joint ventures, licensing, confidentiality agreements, commercial contracts, etc.
  • Commercial operations – e.g., finance projects, letters of credit, credit agreements, IP protection, receivables, licensing agreements, inventory financing, negotiate and document financing, product development agreements, dispute resolution, etc.
  • Real estate – e.g., mortgages, deeds, property rights, permits, promissory notes, zoning, default remedies, leases, etc.
  • Banking – e.g., loan and security documents, accounting issues, limiting liability, documentation of new credit transactions, waivers, notices and enforcement of defaults, etc.
  • Tax issues – e.g., planning tax implications of decisions, structuring a startup, compensation schedules, establishment of foreign subsidiary

How do I start working with an April Becker & Associates transactional lawyer?

For organization, governance, compliance, risk management, operations, and any major business transactions you may entertain – April Becker & Associates has you covered.

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